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“An Affair With Trains,” https://www.aawtrains.com/.  I buy everything for the Wyoming Division from Bob there.  It is a great local hobby shop, and we need to support them.  Bob can get anything and match the best internet prices at his web store.  He and the staff are very knowledgeable, so go in and look and handle the items you want, run them on his fine and large demo layout, and get internet prices. He also has taken my overstock of bus bars and florescent lights, and there is great savings there. I have many more photos posted with extensive captions at http:/verrylvfosnightjr.slickpic.com    I suggest you look at the first few photos in the Wyoming Division album, then skip to #51 or even further toward the end to see the current status of the layout.   The intervening photos are details of construction, a sort of history of it.  There are recent photos in sub albums sub- albums showing us operating. I also have a Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/wyoming_division/info  The blank space in this url is an underscore "_".  This is a general interest group about the layout that does not have much current activity, but it is valuable for information about the unique constructions techniques I used, Spot Welding, Detailed drawings of the benches and the Steel Frames for benches (Files section) Spline roadbed, Cork flooring underlayment for roadbed including the fixture I built to facilitate cutting the 4 foot wide 50 foot rolls of cork into split and tapered strips for flexible roadbed ¼” thick, The special purpose building and mezzanine and the separate 30 x 36 foot shop A recent post is about the April, 2015 start of the crew lounge, 20 x 30 feet. Importing from China of the 1,000 fluorescent lights and the 4,000 bus bars NCE DCC Most or all of the pertinent operations documents you can download from the Files Section, including o Car, block, loco cards; and train orders o Fascia posters to guide operators o Detailed Jobs Description Word.doc o Spots.Doc o Others on how to operate, especially on the Wyoming Division o Start with the file “AAA Read Me First” In other words, everything about the layout design, construction, and operations. I also have a Yahoo Group at https://groups.io/g/wyodivops but be warned, this Group is for me to manage invitations and reservations and to file documents about how to operate on the Wyoming Division.  It is NOT for general information, so do not try to join unless you intend to operate occasionally. Lorne Noyes also has taken good photos of our operating sessions, and the last group is at his SlickPic site, http://arizonalorne.slickpic.com